The last thing the world needs is another goddamn music blog. But did you know Silver Abuse is playing at Quencher’s tonight? I found out after looking at page 2 on the Reader’s event calendar. It’ll be on the equivalent of page 1 here.

Writing a blog feels pretentious as all hell, but I’ve lived in Chicago for a little over six months now and have stayed holed up in my apartment more often than not. This is an attempt at accountability for finding things as well as bringing something to the table. Hell, worst case scenario I can put it on my resume for Reckless so I can write those little stickers they put on the records.

Today I found Rad Payoff. Rad Payoff is awesome. Bludgeoning punk shit that counts to eight. I wanna call it math rock but that’s wrong. It sounds like Young Widow tossed out their delay pedals and are having more fun. Also reminds me of Drive Like Jehu without sounding like them. Describing a band with other bands is lazy and dumb. AC/DC guitar solo on Julio Roberto rules pretty hard.

Send me shit. I don’t know what I’m doing. This is me asking a punk.

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