Apparently this shit takes some work.  It’s tough as a new guy to navigate all these calendars of bands I’ve never heard of.  That’s the whole point really though.  I’ve got tickets to Matmos and Sunn0))) at Thalia Hall, but those happen later.  I’ll present you with some halfassery for now to keep up momentum.

Thursday 2/25

Wolf Eyes|Timmy’s Organism|Video|Empty Bottle

This is some kind of Third Man Records showcase.  I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Third Man.  They put out a lot of records I don’t love, and I a lot of records I do.  The ones filled with fucking oil or attached to balloons make my skin crawl.  4 in 1 records you have to ruin to be able to play.  I wonder how many times that oil record has popped in someone’s crate, ruining the surrounding records.  Spectrum did something similar which I saw in a used bin 10 years after they released it.  That stuff doesn’t age well.

That’s kind of Wolf Eyes’ deal though.  Wolf Eyes’ records are a pain in the ass filled scary sounds.  You’re not going to get a record like Stabbed in the Face tied to a balloon and lifted into a field.  You’ll get it lathe cut into an unplayable piece of art.  Third Man records wink at you, asking you to congratulate them on being wacky.  I wonder how this team up will play out.

Wolf Eyes claims noise is dead and that they play trip metal now.  It sounds like noise music and similar to what they’ve always done.  Which is slightly scary and noisy.  I guess they use a keyboard more now.  Did they really stream this on NPR or am I making that up?

I don’t know anything about Timmy’s Organism or Video.  Did you know the only requirements for starting a blog are access to a computer?


Saturday 2/27

KO|Dark Fog|Plastic Crimewave Syndicate|Coles

A quick search of the weeks calendars brought me a bunch of shitty Tony-Hawk-soundtrack-a-like bands, and this pretty great psych-y garage show.  I’d go if my work schedule was better.


Sunday 2/28

Sunday Night Avant Jazz Series|Jason Roebke|Avreeayl Ra|Peter Mauna|Jim Baker|The Owl

I don’t know anything about this.  It has set times listed as 9 and 10, 9 and 11, and 9-12 as if they’re like, improvising with the threads of the universe.  Regardless, the words “Avant Jazz Series” and “The Owl” will make me haul my ass from Wrigleyville in the middle of everything and hope I see something.

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