I want to complain about the cold, but yeah no shit, it’s Chicago. What did I expect.

I’m about to start dumping zines around so felt a disclaimer was necessary and I don’t know how/care to learn how to write a WordPress bio yet.  I’m from a small Texas town with a glut of great bands.  Every few months a newcomer would move to town, start writing about music, and I’d be pissed that they both didn’t know what they were talking about and couldn’t google one of the other 20 show lists.  I am acknowledging my ignorance of current Chicago music.  If you want some knowledge about 80’s/90’s/early 00’s Chicago music I probably got you though.  I have found other blogs that I really enjoy, but the noisier stuff doesn’t seem to have a centralized internet presence.  I’m hoping to create that as well as having a reason to scour calendars and not do things like miss that Advance Base show at The Hideout a few days ago.  Yeah, I know.

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