Check out that Merzdub record on bandcamp too. Dub sucks, Merzbow rules.

Man, you know what, I broke this week.  The onslaught of the horseshittery of unskilled labor jobs and living with relative strangers got to me.  The band I was in is gearing up for a reunion show.  Even though I’m stoked as hell to see those guys, trying to be artistically equal to the self of 5 years ago is really stressful.  I spent the week trying to get it together instead of looking through calendars.  I went through this weird vibe John Sarno book from the 90’s and it’s helping me identify faulty thinking patterns.  Henry Owings recommended it on Facebook a few years back otherwise I woulda never given it the time of day.  One thing is I try different brain supplements around Sunday, feel shitty, and I don’t go to that jazz show at The Owl again.  Anyway.  Feelings.  Gross.  Okay.  Good Talk.

Before all that though I went and grabbed records from Bric-a-Brac and Reckless.  At Bric-a-Brac I got newer stuff.  Side 1 of this Ausmuteants thing has pretty much been on repeat around the house.  It’s noisy keyboard garageish rock, and since it’s from Australia it’s really good.  There was a good interview with them in last quarter’s No Friends if you can still find a copy.  Bric-a-Brac has the Goner version, which is cheaper than the copy linked there.  They also have PeeWee’s Playhouse trading cards.  I’m also really excited about Already Dead tapes.  It says they’re Brooklyn/Chicago/Kalamazoo but everything’s coming up Brooklyn.  The Mu Vonz track on this is probably the greatest single thing I’ve heard this year.

Grabbed some old shit from Reckless.  Finally found a decent price on Nurse With Wound’s funky/groovy/whatever the fuck Bacteria Magnet.  Sounds like David Lynch bought a bass and a car before he actually did.  I like Homotopy to Marie as much as the next guy, but this is my favorite Nurse With Wound record that I’ve heard.  Also grabbed a small run Wesley Willis CD that Discogs doesn’t even recognize as legit.  That’s been my favorite part of living in Chicago so far.

Friday: Mint Mile|Whelms|Andrew and Light Coma|Hideout That’s members of Bottomless Pit, Silkworm, Songs: Ohia, Dianogah and C Clamp doing things similar but different to those bands listed.  If you don’t know who they are that’s your problem.  What the fuck is wrong with you.

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